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Student workers

If you’re a student working for the University of Bath as an hourly paid worker then UNISON is your trade union. You can join UNISON online today.

Membership gives you a voice and a say in how your trade union and University are run, as well as access to free support, representation, training and social events. We defend your rights at work, ensure you are treated fairly and campaign to improve your pay and working conditions.

Campaigning for the issues that affect you

We oppose privatisation and campaign for increased public funding to build an education system that is free, accessible and beneficial to all.

We successfully campaigned alongside other trade unions and the Students’ Union to secure a Living Wage for all student workers at the University – meaning a pay rise of over 20%.

Now, we are fighting to stop the use of exploitative zero hour contracts, to defend the rights of migrant workers, including international students, and to end the gender pay gap and other forms of discrimination and inequality at the university.

If you’re a student working at the University of Bath, join your union today, or collect a membership form from outside the Trade Union Office, 1 East 2.1.