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UNISON at the University of Bath exists so that together we can improve our pay and working conditions, defend our employment rights and have a say in how our workplace is run. We do this through campaigns, negotiation with our employer and by giving each other support and advice.

The University of Bath formally recognises UNISON as representing support staff for the purposes of collective bargaining and negotiation.

  • Join online;
  • Phone 0800 171 2194;
  • Collect a membership form from outside the Trade Union Office, 1 East 2.1.

Get Involved

This is your union. If you would like help to run a campaign or would like us to focus on a particular issue then please get in touch.

If you volunteer to become a UNISON Representative then you will receive paid time off work and free training, so that you are able to help support other members when they have problems in the workplace.

To find out how you can help, visit the contact our Branch Secretary by email or through our online form.

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Student Workers

If you’re a student working for the University of Bath as an hourly paid worker then UNISON is your trade union. You can join UNISON online today. See the Student Workers page for more information.