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Written by Nicola Lloyd, UNISON University of Bath Branch Committee Officer

There were a number of Motions carried at the latest Unison NDC, but the main focus was on the cost of living crisis, supporting black workers, supporting women workers and the crisis in the NHS and Care services.

A lot of information was brought to the table about the struggles our members are currently facing. With the cost of living continuing to rise, people leaving public services to find jobs elsewhere, and the thoughts of strikes growing more and more real, it was clear our members are feeling the hardship, but want to make a change.

The largest action to come out of the NDC was the launch of the Year of the Black Worker 2023. This is an opportunity to celebrate the union’s long history of challenging racism in the workplace and come up with practical steps for further change.

There is work we need to do within our own Branch be active and support this throughout 2023, so look out for an email from the Committee soon about how we plan to support Black workers and challenge racism at the University.

We can learn more about the support from Unison here.


Benefits for Members

We also got a chance to speak to some of the stands at Conference, which offers some great benefits to our members! Check out the below and follow the links to take advantage of what Unison can offer you:

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Details of Motions

We were able to hear from local services, care workers, NHS workers, social workers, police, and more – all of whom are working harder to support their members through these tough times. However, there was a huge amount of energy and drive from the attendees of the NDC to work on changing this, and get better deals for our workers.

The motions which were voted on and passed aim to create conversations with Government to change the pay and rights of workers, try to find more resources and avoid further privatisation of services.

To read more, please see the below News articles:

We also heard excellent words from the guest speakers over the days we were there, highlighting the issues in Palestine, pushing for clarity with the Covid inquiry, and the aims of the Labour government on mental health going forward.

We also got to witness the presentation of an Honorary membership to Dr Neville Lawrence, 30 years after the death of his son, Stephen Lawrence.

You can read more about these speeches here: