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The University Court met on Tuesday 16th January and made some significant decisions about the future of the University. A summary is produced below.

Court debated the HEFCE report into University governance and requested:

  • The immediate resignation and departure of the Vice Chancellor, Chair of Council and the Remuneration Committee, in whom Court expressed no confidence.
  • Full acceptance and implementation of HEFCE’s findings and recommendations.
  • A complete review of University governance, not just the “effectiveness” of the governing bodies.
  • The addition of democratically elected staff and students to the Remuneration Committee, which sets senior management pay, and the removal of powers from the Remuneration Committee.
  • Annual publishing of the University’s overall pay ratio between the lowest and highest paid staff, including perks such as grace and favour homes.
  • A Living Wage be paid to all staff and that the University commence accreditation to the Living Wage Foundation within 12 months.

University Court has also agreed that:

  • Council acted beyond its powers, violating the University Ordinances, in agreeing the Vice Chancellor’s departure package and that this has further damaged the reputation of the University.
  • The University should appoint a senior external figure (a ‘Visitor’) who could be called upon to help address any future failings of governance.

A fuller version of the text from one of the motions has been published on the University website. The meeting has also been covered in the press, including theĀ BBC and Guardian.

The decision by University Court follows another vote of no confidence in the Vice Chancellor, Chair of Council and the Remuneration Committee last week. Academic Assembly voted by 128 to 29 for their immediate departure and a full review of University governance.

Staff, students and the university stake-holder body, Court, have all requested that those responsible for the failings of management and governance finally put the university before their personal ambitions and self-interest by stepping down from their positions of authority. The joint trade unions continue to support this call.