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Homeless refugees in Calais and Dunkirk are now facing freezing temperatures as well as daily harassment by police and no access to sanitation. This is a humanitarian crisis and we have the opportunity to help.

UNISON members, other university staff and students will be travelling to Calais at the beginning of February to volunteer and to distribute essential supplies.

We are collecting supplies and donations on University of Bath campus. Please rummage through your cupboards or a charity shop/shop for the items below and bring them along to our drop off point.

Urgently Needed Items

* Sleeping bags * Backpacks * Old mobile phones * Jackets * Men’s warm clothes * Socks * Hats * Gloves * Scarves *

Urgently Needed Food

* Rice * Sunflower oil * Tinned fish * Beans * Tinned tomato * Sugar * Tea *

Donations can be dropped to the University of Bath Trade Union Office, 1 East 2.2, every Monday in January between 12.15 and 1.05 pm. Monetary donations for supplies can be made in cash or at http://www.localgiving.org/bwrcalaisconvoy

Thank you so much in advance for your help. We want to make sure that people who have fled war and persecution do not face even worse conditions in France. Please contact Bath Welcomes Refugees for more information.

Finally, please do print out a copy of our poster and display it near where you work.