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With the announcement that Professor Glynis Breakwell will not leave the University of Bath until 2019, Council has shown that it has learned nothing.

According to the management statement, Professor Breakwell will continue to act as Vice-Chancellor until the end of August 2018, and will be employed until the end of February 2019: she will receive more than six hundred thousand pounds from the university, an enormous reward for failure, and will continue to exercise the authority which has generated the “climate of fear” now openly talked-of on campus.

Professor Breakwell has lost our trust and our confidence: she must go now.

Professor Breakwell will also have her “car loan” written off. This loan, of 31 thousand pounds, has never been repaid. There was never any intention that it would be paid off. We must now have real transparency on the contracts and incentives of senior managers.

Today’s news can only be a starting point for a thorough reform of the governance of this university. We have suffered a climate of fear long enough, and we are afraid no longer. Staff and students are ready to have a say in the running of the university and restore the values of higher education which have suffered so much in recent years.

For the university to move on and restore its health, Professor Breakwell must now step down from any active role in the running of our institution; she must immediately step down from the board of the University Superannuation Scheme, our pension scheme.

Finally, those responsible for the failure of governance which has so damaged our university must also step down. The Chair of Council and the rest of the Remuneration Committee should tender their resignations with immediate effect. Those who led us into this debacle cannot lead us out of it.

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University and College Union

Michael Carley, UCU President at Bath
Christopher Roche, UNISON at the University of Bath Secretary